Introducing Daisy Fresh

Traveling can be a dirty business. You miss a connection and spend the night in Chicago while you bag visits Las Vegas. You decide to go camping at the last minute. You've traveled for two days and are running late to a meeting. You had the hardest workout of your life and now have a lunch date. 

Don't worry, Packidilly's Daisy Fresh will have you smelling sweet in no time.

Keep one in your carry-on, one in your day pack and one in your car and you'll always arrive smelling daisy fresh. 

Inside Daisy Fresh

13 Convenient Essentials for a Fresh Arrival

1 moist cotton towel, unscented
1 BIOCORN beauty bar soap
1 BIOCORN shampoo
1 toothbrush & 1 toothpaste
1 twin blade safety razor
1 antiperspirant wipe, 10" x 10”
1 deodorizing body wipe, 10" x 10”
1 La Fresh facial towelettes/makeup remover wipe, 8” x 7”
1 Tic Tac (4)
1 Annie Mini Wave hairbrush, 6”
1 KIND mini snack bar
1 Stash chamomile tea 

Travel Lighter

Travel lighter with 13 TSA compliant personal and beauty travel essentials. Hand packed into a 100% recycled bag packed to the brim with travel necessities. 8 1/2 x 11" bio-degradable packaging. 

Pack Packidilly Daisy Fresh for a sweet arrival. 






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