Moist Cotton Towel

Why we Love White Towel Service's Moist Cotton Towels

White Towel Services was founded in 2002 with the desire of bringing First Class Towel Service to various industries around the country.

White Towel Services offers a complete line of refreshment towels, of all sizes and quality, to Restaurants, Airlines, Country Clubs, Hotels and Casinos, Cruise lines, Dental and Medical facilities and more!

Towels from White Towel Services, Inc. are assembled in the USA from US and imported material (cotton imported Vietnam).

Each 8" x 8" towel is pre-moistened  single use, 100% cotton towel, that can be served cold or hot. They are sewn on all four sides to prevent fraying. 

How to Use White Towel's Moist Cotton Towels

These towels are incredibly handy for travelers, that's why we include one in almost every Packidilly kit. You can chill them down with some ice cubes or warm up in a microwave (<20 sec.) Here's some ideas: 

  • Use with first aid kits to cool down a fever or as a warm compress.
  • Use with soap to clean up after yourself and everyone else. 
  • Cleanup after a hike, yoga class, or outdoors exploration. 
  • Wipe down before or after a meal while you are in transit.
  • Use with antibacterial spray to wipe down your room.
  • Wipe up spills, wipe down anything.  

 4.5 Amazon Stars: 

"These are marvelous to have for guests and to take on picnics. We keep them in the guest rooms and take them on car trips. Although my favorite is the lemon scented towel, some people prefer this unscented one. We keep some in the fridge to offer guests on hot days. Very refreshing."

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