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1. Payment via PayPal You can set up a PayPal account for free and it's considered a safer option for online transfers. PayPal is our preferred method of payment as it is: faster: the money goes into our account straight away so that we can begin processing your order).easier: you enter all the info we need to process your order & receive an automated confirmation email.safer: all your information (credit card number etc.) is stored safely and encrypted in the PayPal system to the extent that even PayPal officers cannot access your information without your permission.

2. Payment via Credit Card  If you don't have a Paypal we also accept credit card payments, which you can enter during checkout. 

You can enter your discount code at the start of checkout. Please note, some of our sales are prices as marked, so please double check the email or social post. 

If you wish to receive a refund please email with the full name and email connected to your order, and the reason why.

$5 or FREE when you spend $35 or more.

Packidilly products are selected and approved by seasoned travelers.

Every products must have a 4-star or higher rating on Amazon and have hundreds of reviews. We favor smaller companies, with unique products.

If we have the option, we work with vendors that are eco-friendly. Our goal is to have 100% environmentally friendly products. It is a work in progress.

Currently Packidilly ships within the United States.

We ship via the United States Post Office

We ship all orders the day after they are received via the US Postal Service (USPS). Your package should arrive within one week. Because some of our kits contain hazardous materials, (sanitizers, bug repellant) we ship via ground, and that takes up to 5 days to reach the East Coast. Reduce stress, and order at least 1 week ahead of your trip. Even better, keep a few on hand so you are always prepared for packing. 



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