10 Tips for Tired Tootsies

While travel styles vary a great deal, they all share one thing in common, walking. You can expect to put in 6-8 miles a day on a full sightseeing day, with 11-15 miles if you choose to walk instead of taking the bus, etc. Unless you’ve been training for miles over months on a hard surface, your feet will protest!

Here's 10 tips to revive your feet and legs while traveling. 

1. Wear compression socks when traveling long distances by car, train, bus, ferry or plane. They provide gentle pressure and prevent fluid and blood from settling in your lower legs.

2. Be sure and MOVE while you are seated for long periods of time. Take a walk. Massage your legs. Flex and extend your legs and ankles. If you experience swelling, elevate your legs as soon as possible.

3. Drink water and more water. When you are dehydrated, your legs are more likely to get cramps.

4. Give tired feet a break at the end of each day. Sit back, elevate your feet, and ask your travel companion to massage them. Or,

5. Pamper your feet with soaks and massages. Soak your feet to relax tired muscles and use a scrub to get your blood moving. Rubbing your feet soothes muscles and stimulates circulation and putting them up on a pillow or two can also help prevent swelling.

Even better, if your are traveling in Asia a foot massage costs only a few dollars. Ask at your hotel, AirBnb, or Google "foot massage near me now". You'll find plenty of options near your residence. 

6. Wear comfortable shoes that are easy to slip on and off. Try them out at home first, and not just for a walk to the kitchen. Unless you need heels for a special event, leave them at home.

7. Bring over-the-counter shoe insoles for cushioning and support.

8. Pack a foot health first-aid kit that includes blister treatments. Adhesive bandages, a topical antibiotic, and a needle.

9. To reduce your risk of contracting a foot infection, wear socks instead of bare feet as you walk through security.

10. Apply sunscreen all the way to your toes. And don't forget flip flops for burning hot sand and questionable showers.

And it always helps to pack one of our Feet Relief packs. 


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