About Packidilly

Welcome to Packidilly!

We launched Packidilly on the Amazon marketplace a week prior to shelter in place for COVID-19. With few planes flying, and Amazon's focus on shipping essential items only, tiny Packidilly was off to a questionable start.

But, I'm betting you are getting as tired of Netflix as we are, and want to get back to exploring our incredible Earth. 

Lighten Packing Stress
Packidilly minimizes packing pressure. Each Packidilly travel kit is filled to the brim with traveler essentials and a few pampering touches that make packing easier and reduce travel stress.

All Packidilly kits are designed for an era of  tight security and safety restrictions, a la cart pricing, and luggage fees that cost nearly as much as a plane seat.

Travel Lighter
Whether you are going across town to the in-laws or around the world, with Packidilly you travel lighter. Each Packidilly weighs less than 15 oz. and measures 8 1/2 by 11 inches. Packs are easily mixed and matched to suit varied travel destinations and styles.

Travel Gifts
Packidilly kits make great gifts, easily stored for last minute get-aways.

Safe and Sane Travel
To help you arrive well, and in compliance with travel safety restrictions, we've introduced Packidilly COVID-19 kits. These kits have to be shipped by ground, so order early and keep on hand for when you are free to go.

Created with Love in Oregon
Your Packidilly kit is hand-packed and shipped with love from along the Chetco River in Oregon, USA. 

We continuously introduce new, eco-friendly products and ingredients; develop smaller and lighter packaging; and promote Packidilly through social media and our partners.

Bon Voyage,

Pam Swingley, Founder



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