HandHeld Fan for Travelers

Why We Love this Handheld Fan

You have a number of handheld fan choices. Some of the more interesting ones work from your phone, which seems perfect for travelers. But not all always goes smooth, and you need a working phone when you travel. 

We've fallen in love with this portable fan from Supabear. It is more expensive than most Packidilly items. But nothing can make you madder than to haul a device half way around the world, to discover it doesn't even work. So far in all our tests and hundreds of reviews, this fan works when you need it to. But you do need to remember to charge it. 

  • Compact designed portable fan allows the blades to be automatically folded when the fan is switched off, 270 degree foldable, handheld and sit still position are both available, super easy to use.

  • Travel-size and multi-purpose. Exquisite 3.6 inches length mini iphone fan size pocket fan, 2 ounces lightweight, Small enough to fit inside a purse or day pack, perfect sports fan for both indoor and outdoor activities. Take it on the subway, picnic, hiking, touring, trains, shopping and planes.

  • This personal handheld fan features 2 wind modes (low/high), Upgraded durable batteries lasts 5 hours in Low mode and 2-3 hours in High mode.
  • USB quick charge. Contains a built in lithium rechargeable battery operated, works with USB charger, laptop, computer, power bank. Takes around 1 hour to fully charge. 

  • This mini travel fan with ultra-soft blades is made of high quality ABS+TPE material. Auto quick stop design makes it very safe to use. Superior motor makes it quiet enough to be used in office/desktops/bedside table.

Package List

  • 1 * Supabear Mini Handheld Fan
  • 1 * Micro USB cable
  • 1 * User Manual   

4.6 Amazon Star Reviews

"I bought this fan not knowing how it worked and took a chance because honestly the price was right and I LOVE it, this fan is small for my purse but very powerful AWESOME, I would recommend this fan to anyone that possibly needs a breeze we used this fan on a plane trip to Hawaii and so glad we had it because the air on the plane was not working that good so this helped me from being claustrophobic very good product and it comes with a power cord to plug in .... very happy."

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