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Why We Love Stash Tea Company

That cup of Stash Tea you are drinking after the long-haul delayed flight, is much more than a cup of tea. It is an opportunity to support one of our favorite partners where tea is used as a cultural catalyst. Where diversity and boldness in not only in your cup, but in employees minds, community, and society.

Every element that steeps in your cup of Stash Tea, including the tea bag and string, are Non-GMO Project Verified and compostable.

  • The company sources only GMO-free ingredients and materials, ensuring a safe and healthy product for you and the environment.
  • Stash Tea Company’s concern goes beyond the main ingredients. While tea, herbs and spices are not genetically modified plants, neither are sub-ingredients like flavors. Every component in Stash Tea is free of GMOs.
  • Popular tea packaging is often composed of plastic that originates from GMO-corn. Stash tea bags are fee of plastics and made from sustainable, unbleached natural fiber and GMO-free cotton string. 

Since their start in Portland, Oregon in 1972, Stash Tea has sought to balance social and environmental responsibility with economic reality. Although a small company, Stash Tea is aware of their responsibility to the environment, both locally and globally, and strives to be a green, responsible, and socially conscious organization.

Stash Tea Company partners with farmers and suppliers who also believe that “doing it right” means more than just creating great tea; it’s sourcing the best ingredients with you and the planet in mind. Stash Tea Company became a B Corp in 2017, making a public commitment of positively impact their employees, customers, community and suppliers.

We love Stash Tea so much, you’ll find a tea bag in many of our kits, including Hello Flo, Head Case, Daisy Fresh, and Headache.

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