Paros Set To Become The First Plastic-free Mediterranean Island

Aug 20, 2019

Reported by: Nick Kampouris

Paros – the lovely island in Greece’s Cycladic region – is famous for its blue-and-white painted architecture, captivating coasts, and turquoise seas. Soon, it will be known for its environmental standards as well. It has been selected to represent a future free of plastic pollution and waste.

Using guidelines from the program called “Clean Blue Alliance.” This project is an initiative of “Common Seas,” an organization which seeks to reduce plastic waste and plastics pollution in the seas.

The Common Seas initiative provides crucial support to islands in accelerating their source-to-sea solutions, with the ultimate aim of completely eliminating plastics from the island environment.

Paros’ mayor Markos Koveos reports "“We are encouraged by the businesses who have already committed to support ‘Clean Blue Paros.’ They are already acting to reduce plastic-use and better manage plastic waste, by offering incentives for customers using refillable cups and providing alternatives to plastic straws."

The Clean Blue Paros initiative intends to collaborate closely with the municipality of Paros  and the island’s residents and visitors to create a more ecologically sustainable economy which will make Paros a world leader in plastic-waste free living.

Together with local experts, the project has already developed guidelines and created a dynamic toolkit to support a plastic-waste free island — which the organizers hope will also attract environmentally-aware tourists and investors.

Paros is an absolutely gorgeous island, and leading the ban on plastic waste is one more reason to visit.


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